Trying new things

Bird stepping out of cage with view of window

So many new ways to teach and learn. So many new technologies. Easy to get overwhelmed. There’s always some effort involved in trying something new. Start with one new way first. Think about how it affects the learning. Then…keep moving.

Have to say, my first post took ages. Dithered about what kind of blog. Dithered about what to post. Dithered over the blog dashboard. In the end, I set the blog up. Created a post. Clicked ‘publish’. Move to the next, I say.

Inspiration for the sketch came from Danny Gregory’s post “Thinking outside the books.” Thank you Danny. And thank you visitor, for visiting.


Drawing Connections is a collection of random thoughts in the form of little drawings and watercolours. Drawing has become a daily habit and just before heading off to work. That started some time August 2012. This little blog is an extension of that. Why drawing? It's a way of looking at things (real and imagined), mulling over conversations and connecting ideas. It's also rather meditative. In case you're wondering, I live in Australia. But often times, you'll find my head in places like India, outback Australia, northern Italy, Ubud and often times, nowhere in particular. You can email me at I'd love that! Thank you for dropping by! © Drawing Connections, 2012 - 2016. All rights reserved. You are welcome to share this blog, but please do not copy or distribute any images and/or text without my permission. Thank you for visiting Drawing Connections.

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